STORY TIME : Your Choice (Episode 1)

Episode 1Afolabi was excited. “At last, I am a graduate “he screamed on top of his voice as he hugged his best friend James” Afolabi was a well built, intelligent and sanguine fellow-a final year electrical electronics student at Osun state... [Read more....]

Insuring Your Child's Future

The perfect trademark of a good parent is showing at every instance that life needs a bit of redefinition. Life comes with its own definition, you shouldn't just allow it to work itself out, you need to redefine it to suit your own purpose in... [Read more....]

Welcome To The Month Of July!!!

Welcome to June! Welcome to a brand new month! Your goals can perfectly fit into June's schedule. Your dreams can become reality with everyday June brings over. Breath in the air of June. Swallow the sweetness of it's morning sun. You've... [Read more....]

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